On Zor.bio

Zor.bio is nice agario-styled game with some cool new features. The generetic 2d io game became 3D game with a 360 degree movement.

How to play Zor.bio

Like many other io games Zor.bio is free for all game, where your task is to grow by consuming food and other players. However, the game has 3D environment and this fact has changed the whole perspective of io game. Your task is to consume colorful orbs from around the space in order to became bigger. It is recommended to stay away from the big planets because you can confuse them with the food. Those players that can consume you has indication red text — danger. So, it is easy to save yourself from these players.

Controls Zor.bio

The control in this io game is very simple. The movement and its direction follows for mouse, but because 360 degree movement it can have some difficulties in the start. Use W key to boost your planet forward at the cost of your size, and use S key (and hold it) if you want to stop your blob on one spot.