All Best & New iO Games List


The story of such interesting genre as io games was started with the famous popular game (the inspiration for agario probably was another famous game «Osmos»). Agario became popular in a quite short term, so just after a few month after release several hundred thousands of players were involved in the game. The uniqueness of the game was in its style. The io game was made to be played in a fullscreen browser window, contrary to the browser games of past. Also it is completely multiplayer. That is the mix which defeated all other games.


That is not easy job — to made new popular io games, such as,, and others. For this purpose you must have a new idea, and you have to be sure that your game follows for some important rules:

Each player should be able to enter the gamy by one click

The game should be very simple for learning, but hard for mastering

The io game must allow player to compare his authority with other players.

And finally it should one of two: cooperative or competitive

Let us take a slither. This game is very simple and its control is quite intuative. Additionaly it has a quite nostalgic feelings for many older players, that grew up with such games as snake. It is easy to play even without experience, but it is difficult to became a master of the game. That is why the game is ideal, because people can play it quickly, without long learning and preparation. And add to this fact a quite captivating graphics.


Playing my first few io games, I started to search for other games. However, to found new games was not easy job, because there was no any list of them. That is why I decided to create my list of io games. Here I included each title that I was able to find, and some titles were gifts for me from other users, so this give me a good opportunity to help them and to provide more exposure. You may notice that in this list io games have a common style and theme similar to those that mentioned above. Why? Because this is the aim of the list — to bringe exposure on these io games. They are often awesome, but most people does not know them, because they are just standalone games, that were placed in a various sites. That is why now all of them are here. In your turn, you may support the site and please save it to bookmark (ctrl-d). As for us, we will try to update it weekly with new games. Check it out regularly, dear friends! Enjoy!