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Yes, there are a lot of online snake-type toys where we need to grow up eating energy elements and others like them in the world of virtual reality. But despite the fact that the plot in almost every toy is identical, new games appear, and today we present a kind of synthesis of the io world and the Minecraft world. Can you imagine what happens if you connect two universes? That's right, it will turn out -, the game is so unusual that sometimes it seems the world has gone crazy, but this does not prevent the game from being popular and already breaking records for users. As in any io game, the same thing awaits you here, you have to become the largest and longest creature, you can't call this creature a snake, which you get when you absorb everything that you can find, and these are primarily blocks from the world Minecraft. But there is also a second way to become the biggest - this is an attack on the enemy.